Vanmakt - Ad Luciferi Regnum

I personally never heard about this band, but after I switched on their music... I could strictly realize that this outfit is Swedish. Indeed.. that's quite right. Hailing from Sweden, Vanmakt delivers the kind of blasting inhuman fury that Dark Funeral did and still doing, with the exception of their few occasional breaks including instrumental parts, basic choirs containing 1 male and 1 female voice, which makes their brand new release quite interesting for the listener. On one other hand, few hints of British and Norwegian Black Metal can be also noticed in their musical structure.

Their musicianship is quite a strong one, and besides their blasting fury, complicated melodies and solos are present on certain occasions, which shows that this band stands a good chance to leave a good mark in their scene. As well, it clearly sounds that the musicians know what they are doing, and besides having plain Swedish Black Metal, few other ingredients were also added like in the 7th track 'The Ascension', which can be simply described as having Dark Funeral accompanied by a female voice (and at times male voice) sounding distantly away in the very background. The clean voice performance is nothing special at all! Very basic and at times a bit 'amateurish', however the coloration of the whole idea is quite good, which again shows that the band is NOT a mere copy of other band we listened before. Besides that, I shouldn't exclude commenting about their lead singer, which got almost the same power and anger as Dark Funeral has. In fact I might say that from the latest formations of bands of similar genre, Vanmakt vocalist is truly one of the best around as he has a real power of expression.

The trio has incorporated a drum machine. The programming style is quite good and so with the sound, however certain parts sound a bit too digital for that kind of primitive genre... but it doesn't mean it's bad! NO way!

All in all, Ad Luciferi Regnum is quite a quality release, professionally recorded and out through Pulverised Records. In my opinion, the clean voices should be fixed or better changed!



  1. The Second Key
  2. Brethren of Lucifer
  3. Endless Myth
  4. Re-Incarnating Hatred
  5. Ad Luciferi Regnum
  6. Id XIII Inferni
  7. The Ascension
  8. Beneath the Moor
  9. Written in Blood

Pulverised Records
Reviewer: Jo
Dec 7, 2009

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