Vargsriket - Satanic Execution Commando Vargsriket DCLXVI CSBM

The first sign of life was in 1995 but was on hold after some period. The two founders dedicated themselves to other projects. Meeting a drummer in 2001 they picked up the band again and starting to do gigs and writing material. This professional CD is self done and gives a professional look. Their image is with WWI to hail the old black metal: full of hate, raw and uncompromising black metal. Bombing drums and chilling vocals. Between every song there is an intro, so 6 complete bombastic tracks. So contact this band if you like raw furious BM.

1. Black Orders
2. Luciferian
3. My Blood - My Enemy
4. Vargsriket
5. Prologue To Honour
6. Minions Of Satan
7. Oath Of Blood
8. Sanguinem Sacrificite
9. Antichristian Battle Tune
10. Hater Of The Nailed One
11. Willing To Compromise
12. Impale The Bastard
13. One Final Word
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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