Veil - Blinkers Define The Spasm

Veil come from Greece and was formed back in 2005. Their 1st release was a demo displaying a band that was more into darkened death/doom metal. Five years later and after many line-up changes, the band shows a new face; “Blinkers Define The Spasm” contains five pieces of skull-fucking death/black metal, worthy of your attention and respect.

The change comparing to their past is obvious: a huge amount of blast-beating and high tempo in general, aggressive vocals (owing a lot to the “flowing” black metal type of performance) and a solid death metal-oriented sound are the new basis of Veil’s style and what wraps the whole thing up, are some cool and concrete mid-tempos that add a lot of extra weight to their songs. I really enjoyed the guitars, which are mostly based in tremolos and long, continuous riffing (ideas often emerging in black metal), than based in typical, muted, death metal style of playing.
That’s something that makes the band sound more “majestic” or “epic” in a way. If I had to mention similar bands, I’d say that Veil’s music is near to the stuff of Behemoth’s “Satanica” mixed with some Bolt Thrower or Vader parts… not bad at all, right?!

“Blinkers Define The Spasm” gives the impression of a decent piece of brutality, showing that the band is on the right way of making people’s souls get colder! Let’s they carry on this way.

1. Pharisaism
2. For Want Of 3 Senses
3. Inversely Objective
4. Century Of Decay
5. Ternary Human

Self released
Reviewer: Iakhos
Jan 20, 2010

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