Veld - Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalian

Just by looking at the cover of this new album of them, one can tell with certainty that these guys do not feel a lot about J-C. Christianity does not mean much to them and I believe they did not lose their sleep over Easter. With the outmost misanthropic aura and, brewing anti-christian/anti-religious mood, the ravagers from Belarus decided it was time for our heads. The title of it is "Daemonic: The Art Of Dantalian", and it is their 4th album released under Lacerated Enemy Records. So in the year 2015 Veld decide to hit us with sheer power and speed.

After a short and medieval intro, 'World In Obscure' breaks radio silence. Blasting madness follows, and it seems that the blasting game is what their guys call home. Their style is something in between Nile-Vader and early death metal era Behemoth. Wrathful performance. Music based on riffs is destined to succeed and this is what happens here. Veld focus on good riffs, and then build upon them. Brutality is one way here. The drums are simply ferocious. The skin ravager of Veld possesses a wide variety of techniques, and he obviously knows how to use them. All are used here in their excessive form giving the outcome many sharp angles, either with crazy blastbeats or with more mid tempo (although rare) moments as the middle part in the song 'Love - Anguish - Hate'.

The songs are big but then again I believe big is not the proper term. I'd say that the songs could be characterized as complete. With 4:20 minutes medium time length of each song, 8 actual songs and two intros (one starting and one middle), we count 48 minutes of relentless beating from the beasts of Belarus. And let this be under consideration. No sweat at all. Almost an hour of unholy death metal and we wanted seconds. This means success people. "The Art Of Dantalian" is a complete album from all aspects. It has many more angles besides the obvious death metal one. You can find moments of wicked lyricism in this one and though that might sound diverse with what I mentioned above, it is true. These guys managed to fit atmospheric moments through this brutality and they did it so well that it does not take away a single inch of their barbarity. On the contrary. It makes the album more intense.

"Daemonic" is the proof that an album doesn't have to be on blast beat day and night to get brutal. Although Veld have the potential to keep it going, they also have the discipline to know when they need to stop and how they need to express their wrath each time making each moment and each riff count. Can't get better I'm tellin ya. Their top moment so far and judging from it they got lot more to give. The tight and solid production and the awesome album layout come to create a package unmatched for the fans of the xtreme. Death metal supremacy is what they offer for 2015 ladies, and we more than willingly fall for it.

  1. The Sweet Sound Of Torment
  2. World In Obscure
  3. Constant Suffering
  4. Endless Spiritual Paranoia
  5. Lost But Never Forgotten
  6. Merciless And The Innocents
  7. Conquerors Of All Icons
  8. Love - Anguish - Hate
  9. In Eternal Waiting
  10. Annihilation Of Divinity/Trust Upon Ignorance