Verano’s Dogs – Summoning The Hounds

Formed at the end of 2018 in Rome Verano’s Dogs is a mix of grindcore and most funeral death metal. Verano’s Dogs is: Ulderico (bass/screaming voice), Pompeo (guitar) and Pablo (drums) and two guest singers Alex Gore and Demian Christiani. Some say the name (Verano’s Dogs) is linked to the most famous graveyard in Rome (Verano) but Verano can also be Spanish for Summer.

This 10 songs debut “Summoning The Hounds” (out on Metal Age Productions in 2018) is dark, heavy and fast like some early Napalm Death. With the artwork on the cover it’s clear that death and hell are the warm summer breeze of the guys. With the symbol of the dog as guardians of hell and with reference of more dogs men believe that they are bringers of death souls to the afterlife.

Songs like ‘Summoning The Hounds’ and ‘Keeper Of Hades’ hell will be unleashed with fast riffs and dark heavy bass. With ‘Holiday In Baskerville’ (reference to The Hound Of The Baskervilles by AC Dolye) and ‘The Hound’ (the first Cthulhu Mythos chapters by H.P. Lovecraft) and also ‘The Rising Of The Necrotic Hound’ it becomes a journey across the macabre human mind.

Also they put in a little joke (‘Rabid Moments’) I think that it took longer to make and create the song then to play it. It’s not unique or groundbreaking but after a few times it’s a bulldozer running through my brain fast and dark and that, I found very pleasant.

Reviewer: Roland Ravestein

Feb 12, 2020

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Verano’s Dogs – Summoning The Hounds

review Verano's Dogs - Summoning The Hounds

1. Summoning The Hounds
2. Keeper Of Hades
3. Bark At The Grave
4. Mind Necropolis
5. Cannibalism And Agriculture
6. Holiday In Baskerville
7. Rabid Moments
8. The Hound (A Lovecraft's Tale)
9. Deadly Whisper
10. The Rising Of The Necrotic Hound


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