Vermin - Define: Divine

Vermins current release “Define: Divine” is another nice addition to the backcatalogue of Deity Down Records. This small Dutch label is already responsible for the newest releases of Thanatos, Escutcheon or Devious and it seems like Vermin found its place among those acts without any difficulties. “Define: Divine” is the bands third full length album after providing two demos as well as two other albums. What you get is technically accomplished Death Metal with lots of blasting and thought-out down tuned riffs, which are sometimes very intricate, sometimes simply crushing. The band also added some groovy and double bass driven sequences to their sound, which is without any doubt a nice enrichment and the cause for some great hooks and memorable songs like “I Walk Among You”. Vermins vocalist delivers lyrical stuff about life and death in general and his style ranges from the typical dark growling to hoarse and higher screaming. Fans of sophisticated guitar work don´t miss out and get twisted solo parts (for example in “Nucleus”) as well as the versed song structures with lots to discover (just check out the unpredictable components in “The Inner Anomaly“). The sound quality is real good and underlines the technical abilities of these Dutch guys. “Define: Divine” is a demonstration of how modern and brutal Death Metal should be played nowadays. I´m sure this very ambitious and remarkable album will satisfy your needs for non-commercial Death Metal and should be recommended to everyone who likes Suffocation or similar bands. Don´t miss this underrated act from the Netherlands.



  1. Inferiorganism

  2. Define: Divine

  3. Imminent Perfection

  4. Synthetic Reality

  5. I Walk Among You

  6. Idolize The Poisonous

  7. Nucleus

  8. Surrounded By The Silent

  9. The Inner Anomaly

  10. Supremechanism

Deity Down Records
Reviewer: Alex
Nov 29, 2009

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