Verzivatar – In The Shadow Of Sombre Clouds

I haven’t many informations about this Hungarian band but I think that In The Shadow of Sombre Clouds is a debut for Verzivatar. The two guys in the band are totally wedded to a really primitive form of Black Metal: the guitar riffs are the same of other better known bands of 15 years ago (but unfortunately not so inspired) and the same we can say about a monotonous drum and about a voice in the perfect Burzum style. I haven’t found any winning point during the listen and the excessive length of the songs didn’t help me: 4 tracks for 30 minutes of  music. Their fathers from Norway are still on another dimension.

1. Sadness Of The Night Forest
2. Melancholic Dead Dreams
3. Walking Through The Empire Of Eternal Snow
4. Caducous Riverside Shadows
Old Temple
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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