Vexed - Destruction Warfare

Italian thrashers that are helding the 80s banner high. Dressed like the early thrash bands and also playing it. And when you see they play a cover of Destruction you know what to expect. Aggressive vocals, up tempo and fast songs, screamy guitars and solos, warrelated lyrics. An album that gives you 40 minutes of pure thrash metal and with a beer in your hands you can also watch a movie on the CDROM track. Hell yeah!

1. Nuclear babylon
2. Warblast
3. Requiem aeternum
4. Phobic reign
5. Black terror
6. Death symphony
7. Bladeblood
8. Total desaster (cover Destruction)
9. Gods of darkness
10. Destruction warfare
11. Dogmatic blame


Witches Brew
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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