Victimizer - The Spiral Down

Victimizer is a band hailing from Nijmegen (the Netherlands in case you don't know) and consist of 5 members. Before they released this EP they already released "Devicderin" (2001) and their full length "Divided As One (2003). As I don't know these two I was thrilled to hear "The Spiral Down". Although the title sounds negative their tunes most def not. Victimizer plays death metal with attention to the melodies and groove. They are also proud to have non cliche lyrics but they are not that important to me, maybe for you if you like to read lyrics. The songs have groove (they like to refer to rock n roll themselves) and yet the power with bass drums or thrash parts. When you take the closing track were they start with slower stoner part which leads into a thrashing end. These 4 tracks show that Victimizer is capable of writing nice tracks that need to be heard live.

1. The Spiral Down
2. Some
3. Burial Of Pride
4. ...Of Madness

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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