Vielikan - Corpses, And Still No Life

Normally I would say a metal band releasing a single is either worthless or for extremely popular bands. In this case this single is a super tease for what's to come. So it actually serves a great purpose for Vielikan.

"Corpses, And Still No Life" has everything a metalhead wants. Brutal vocals, dissonant guitars, unrelenting double bass, great syncopation, tasteful lead and Gojira like pinch harmonics. The song starts out with brutal vocal growls, heavy riffage and double bass. Then it goes into this dissonant guitar that creates an awesome dynamic. They even have some ceremonial chanting type vocals near the end of the track. All the lead parts are well placed and add feel.

All around a great track and I very much look forward to their next release after hearing this.

  1. Corpses, And Still No Life

Self released
Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Jan 9, 2012

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