Vikingore - Wolves In The Battlefront

The band was set up in 2005 in Seville, Spain. Their music combines Death Metal and the Viking atmosphere, a style that was born not long before the beginnings of the 90s. Rehearsals start soon, during which, within not many hours of work, the first song was born. Some other titles emerge and lead them to their own style which will develop until now. Since then, Vikingore’s style is characterized by the wrath of its voices and the variety of its melodies; from the most melodic ones, full of energy; until sounds that emanate violence and fight. In december 2012 the first longplayer of the spanish band was recorded under musically direction of producer Mario Jezik at Noisehead Studios Austria., "Wolves In The Battlefront" is published in March 2013.

The spanish Vikings released their first full length album via the Austrian Label Noiseheadrecorsds. First of all, the sound of "Wolves In The Battlefront" isn´t very straight. It sounds more like a rough mix. Their style can be described as Viking – Death, the only thing that is 'gore' are the vocals. The shouter Angel tries to give the songs an amplitude with his deep shouts. All the songs are in mid-tempo and predictable. Waiting for technical and musical surprises is wasted time. The album sounds not really independent, you´ve heard the riffs before... Some parts are cool, the best moments are the grooving parts, underlined with simple guitar melodies. All in all "Wolves In The Battlefront" sounds like an unreleased Amon Amarth demo tape from the earlier days. For fans of this stuff this album is a nice intermezzo, but nothing more. If Vikingore will be more independent, extend their own style, and are able to compose own melodies and get a better mix for the next album, it will sound much better. For the first full length album ok, but the next time Vikingore have to work harder. Good attempts are existing: Forgotten By The Gods.


1. The Wrath

2. Ymmir’s Disembowelment

3. Justice’s Fall

4. Feasting Upon The Butchered

5. The Witchery

6. The Undead’s Rising

7. Forgotten By The Gods

8. Red Fog

9. The Wisdom