Vilefuck - What Lies Ahead Is Already Dead

Swedens Vilefuck is one of the ambassadors of the “New Wave Of Old School Thrash Metal”. No doubt about it. Formed back in 2004, this band previously released 5 demos between the founding year and 2008. “What Lies Ahead Is Already Dead” was launched by FDA Rekotz in September 2009 and contains well produced Thrash Metal with a distinct affinity for the pioneers of the scene. Vilefuck created a filthy bastard with precise riffing and drum work, which reminds me of Destruction and Kreator during their late 80´s / early 90´s era. But there´s also a dose of Legion Of The Damned in Vilefucks style. So don´t reduce these guys to a retro sounding band, but to a nice brew of skull-splitting, raw Thrash Metal with a contemporary coat. The music contains not only faster parts, but also some groove and accoustic parts (for example in “Maze“), which shows the bands versatility. Unfortunately most of the tracks aren´t catchy enough to keep them in mind, but I doubt this was Vilefucks main intention. The vocals are raspy and hate-filled and carry the atmosphere of the tracks very well. The result is an interesting album, but in my opinion the “Interlude“ is a little bit meaningless. Anyway, it´s just a short intrumental one and I´m sure not many people will be bothered by this track. “What Lies Ahead Is Already Dead” is advisable for Thrash Metal maniacs and those who dare to give Vilefuck a try.

1. What Lies Ahead Is Already Dead 
2. The Machine 
3. Force Of Destruction 
4. Light The Fires Of Revolution 
5. Fuck The System 
6. Thrash And Destroy 
7. Invisible War 
8. Interlude 
9. Maze

FDA Rekotz
Reviewer: Alex
Oct 13, 2009

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