Vin De Mia Trix - Once Hidden From Sight

Doom/death from the Ukraine who have been active since 2007 and this is their first full length album. This hits all the markers of almost funeral doom, however there are the usual tried and tested clean and instrumental sections that would remedy them following in the footpath of many bands from their region and beyond into Russia. The sound of the guitars is a little muddy and ‘A Study In Scarlet’ has something weird happening beyond the six minute mark (and the tracks nowhere near done yet ) with some pinch harmonics and groove, some chunky bass lines, it all sounds a bit out of place, but doesn’t if you get my meaning. By this I refer to the doom laden backbone that ultimately keeps the band from verging into potential follies of other genres.

The piano driven ‘Là où le rêve et le jour s’effleurèrent’, roughly ‘where dream and day unite or brush’, is not really fitting for me, it’s really dull, put it does break up the often expected dirge of the previous two encounters on this release. The band don’t need place or space fillers, there is enough on the vocal inclusive tracks. So moving onto ‘The Sleep of Reason’, the UK trip of doom death will serve as a major influence, haunting guitar riff, soulful acoustic chords and distortion driven chords and echoing dreaming atmospherics with some real dank death vocals and a few harmonics. It fits with the genre, but follows the blueprints to the letter and I and starting to wain my attention by now. Although the much more heavier ‘Metamorphosis’ has more balls than any other track on the album and stands out more for me, it’s more epic, more death, more inclusive for the listener, certainly for me as it possess some groove you can nod your head too, a cool solo and back bone that’s more fitting to listen too in others company rather than the isolating nature of the previous album tracks.

This is rather a long release that fits with all of the stigmas and levels of musicianship you would come to expect from such a release in this genre. There are random variations, but I do wonder if some of the tracks could be that little shorter in duration, it wouldn’t work live for me, but in a dark room with some candles and personal solitude, you would most probably get this release overall.

  1. A Study In Scarlet
  2. Nowhere Is Here
  3. Là Où Le Rêve Et Le Jour S’effleurèrent 
  4. The Sleep Of Reason
  5. Silent World
  6. La Persistència De La Memòria
  7. Metamorphosis
  8. Matr