Vinculum Terminatii - Omnis Decido

Vinculum Terminatii is the one man project from Nicolas (Ex-Goratory); a musical mastermind and perfectionist by all means. The band started in 2001 under the name "Procession Of Mourning", the now defunct name for this project. Recently relocated from Massachusetts to Providence, Rhode Island, and after a 3 year long hiatus the one man project is underway and under a new name "Vinculum Terminatii".

Vinculum Terminatii's "Omnis Decido" is the long awaited promo/demo and showcases a prime melodic sound stretched over 7 tracks roughly around 29 minutes. Solemn and depressive vocals overlap lush harmonies taking influence from bands like Katatonia's earlier material and Saturnus. A haunting keyboard wallows aptly in the background with impossible outcomes... as if to show greater reflections of despair and human emotion. The guitars have that wailing sound that single handedly dismantles every bit of sanity you once had. Nothing but despair and human emotion transpires throughout this album.

My favorite track is undoubtedly "Falling Victim (To Yourself)" for the simple fact that it portrays a certain grace of despair as if every word was a fatal embrace of emotion. Around midway through the track the most wonderful harmony takes place and in the background haunting female vocals overlap pained male vocals. Keep in mind this promo demo is merely a tease of what's to come. It consists of home recordings, and even so the production is almost flawless. The entire CD is solid and coherent. So if you're looking for some amazing doom metal, get in contact and buy the CD it costs as much as shipping! 3 dollars. Don't be left out, everyones getting it. Otherwise you fail miserably and lack credible life.

1 - Falling Victim To Yourself (121205)
2 - The Sun, Unrisen (042406)
3 - A Period Of Sorrows (021606)
4 - Threads Of Life (020906)
5 - To Wilt, And Fade Away (041306)
6 - Forever. The End. (100905)
7 - Omnis Decido (032702)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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