Vintage Flesh - The Eyes That Glared At My Agonies

Vintage Flesh is existing for two years now but the idea goes back to 1988 when Raypissed want to make a dark metal act. Raypissed is actually Raynard Stevens and he is an artist in many ways. He is not only singer/songwriter but also writing poetry or doing artwork but he is also a tattooist. But in Vintage Flesh he is the dark vocalist and get the help from Reverend John Hex on guitars/synths and drummer Drae Graveyard. So what is Vintage Flesh all about? It breaths a mysterious but also satanic atmosphere when you have the digipack in your hands. And after the disc is inserted it opens with the instrumental intro "Malleus Malificarium". A quit 2:44 min song with a melancholic violin sound. The following track "Corpse As My Cabin" is a combination of black metal and doom with Raypissed sounding as a crow in the cold mist. But his voice range in more variation throughout the album. Tempo is up or fast with slower melodies and this counts for the complete album. There are even complete slow and atmospheric songs like "For The Spirit That Walks In Shadow" or the title track. The combination between those are nice and makes the album easy listening. The structure of the songs are not too difficult but like I said it is nice listening with the roughness on one side and the melancholy on the other.

Written for AEA Zine #16

1. Malleus Malificarium
2. Corpse As My Cabin
3. Portals Of Confusion
4. For The Spirit That Walks In Shadow
5. 1635
6. To Silence The Laughter
7. The Eyes That Glared At My Agonies
8. Waiting For A Body
9. Tower Of Disdain
10. Corpse As My Cabin II

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010

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