Vinterriket - Lichtschleier

This is the sixth full-length from Vinterriket, an artist who has put out a lot of other work on various demos, splits and compilations, mostly on the Neodawn label that was owned by Chrostoph Ziegler, who is in fact Vinterriket.

This six-song album is a lot like the earlier works of Vinterriket, dark and atmospheric new-age soundscapes, mostly keyboards -- in fact all keys.

"Lichtschleier" is so wintery, in fact many samples of howling winter winds are featured on this one. Aside from that, I am reminded more of Vangelis than anything else, in particular the soundtrack to Bladerunner (esp. track 3), which is a good thing.

If you like the dark industrial soundscapes of Vinterriket, you will enjoy this record. It's very much the same as other works done by Vinterriket, but at least on this one we are spared the cheesy keyboard drums!

1. Im Augenblick Der Nacht
2. Nebelwand
3. Moment Schierer Dunkelheit
4. Lichtschleier
5. Horizonte Der Sterblichkeit
6. Illusion Des Eises
Displeased Records
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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