Vinterriket/Uruk Hai/Nak'Kigai - Ira Deorum Obliviorum

Avant Garde, and Ambient music. Ira Deorum Obliviorum is a spectacular release from 3, 1 entity mystical tour de force. Vinterriket creates Incredibly gorgeous soundscapes that place you into a wilderness full of darkness, melancholy, and sheer utter enchantment. This music is what your soul sounds like while you are standing in front of a blackened haunted forest. What follows is the soundtrack to the journey it suggests. This record is completely addictive and gives you the same type of guilty pleasure you feel while trying to walk through a real haunted house. you know its so bad but you just cant stop. Uruk Hai, plays music that should have been matched as the soundtrack to the movies these mythical beasts emerge from "The Lord Of The Rings". Uruk Hai places you in the middle of a land filled with magic, chaos, and beyond beliefe imagination. You will be catapaulted right into the fight for middle earth! Nak'Kigai is the musical equivilant of a mideivial fight to the finish. The soundtrack for the soul of a Knights Life. Spellbinding split, you will not be able to turn this off.

1. Stille I
2. Stille II

Uruk Hai
3. Mount-Doom

4. Swit Slowianskiego Slonca

Old Temple Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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