Vinterthron - Reign Ov Opposites

Formed in Brasil 2001 Rio De Janeiro with only letters for names which is a highly original concept I've never seen before so you know these guys care little for personal egos so lets hope no one steals that idea.

"Reign Ov Opposites" was released in 2008. This album opens up with some shear visceral blasting riff craft that doesn't let go till the end with loads of double pickin-kicking blast sections at the high end the guitar spectrum with little middle eq and what I would describe as typically Norwegian BM vocals all be it they couldn't be from further away. The guitars give a smooth high gain crunch which suits the more leady sections well and gives some great chugging effects while pulsing drums stay close to a basic blast beat that doesn't get to far from its pace keeping duties except from the usual speeding tom fill. I find the riffs them selves very fast paced and favored to the lead side of things as apposed to typical rhythms and with good complexity in the modes used there in. The vocals are consistent and with good consistence in the volume and performance, bass is hugely present and with a hollow tone in a good way all blended together with a very pollished production. Apart from odd the blatant Slayer riff and some sketchy transitions there's really not much to complain about Abbath would be proud.

If your into the sort of epic sped up black metal that comes out of the typical cauldron of Stockholm's black metal scene then these guys arnt to be overlooked and all clearly hold some great talent between them. Crank this album up 4 stars for then shere energy. My favourate track is "Thy Almighty Pestilence".

  1. Rising (Intro) / Dark Congregation
  2. Vinterthron
  3. Thy Almighty Pestilence
  4. The New Light
  5. Reign Of Opposites
  6. Wormkind Destruction
  7. Imminent Chaos
  8. Beyond The Night And Fog
  9. Downfall (Outro)

Ashen Productions
Reviewer: Skaven
Dec 27, 2009

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