Viölence - MotorDemon

Viölence is a one-man band from the Aussie lands. Australia has given the metal world many original bands through the years and it seems like there is always something special and interestingly primitive in the way the Aussie bands face metal music. "MotorDemon" is Viölence's debut EP from 2018. From the "umlaut" in both their logo and EP title, I assumed that Dylan Potter, the man behind Viölence, is a Motorhead worshipper. Viölence play raw but tasty black/speed/thrash metal with punk/crust influences and F.O.A.D. attitude.

'Ritual Of The Goat' begins with a ritualistic drone intro bathed in (ir)religious spells for about one minute. The coming riff reminds me of Motorhead of the "Bomber" period. The song smells bourbon, cheap beer and bad taste cigarettes. The 80's feel immediately surrounds me and out of the dark I realize that Venom are present when the lead guitar breaks out. This is definitely a dynamite opening track for the EP.

'Chained Up' is N.W.O.B.H.M. influenced. Everpresent is the dirty and ugly face of Venom. This is a black/thrash song to kill your neighbors at and worship the goat. Dylan has a strong and rough right hand and he hits the chords really hard like there's no tomorrow. This way he gives a tough sounding result which I immediately liked. The riffs he composes may sound simple, but he is perfectly metronomed and performes with severe passion making me think this EP should have been released in the 80's. No need for technical stuff in this genre as well. This is all about passion and expressing your anger and personal experiences. Viölence play straighforward music indeed. The lead guitar and the coming double bass reminded me of the latest Darkthrone albums in the way they use the 80's thrash/heavy metal to benefit their songwriting. Of course, no polished production here. "Chained up" speaks about extreme sex ("She is the one/ Shes gonna make me cum/I will take heed/She likes to watch me bleed/Chained up)

'L.S.D (Leather, Sex, Death)' sounds like an old thrash metal song forgotten in the ages. The lyrics are about extreme sex and sick pleasures that lead to a releasing death. Again the music is effective and exciting. 'Worship At Midnight' begins with a slightly distorted slow guitar riff to advance to a thrash/speed holocaust. I love the Motorhead/punk attitude Viölence have and the idea of the lead guitar breaking out before the lyrics even begin. Dylan pronounces his words about blackness and unholiness in a way that would make Cronos proud for the legacy he has left. The last song is 'MotorDemon'. Alright, Heavy Metal was always connected to high speed and motorcycles. MotorDemon is exactly about it! The basic riff could have easily been in Metallica's "Kill 'em All".

I don't know how and where this EP was recorded and produced, but there has been some excellent job done here to preserve the 80's feeling of the music in the right way. Although the EP sounds pretty raw and rough and as if it was recorded back in the 80's, still everything is in its right place, the instruments can be perfectly heard and the result is very tasty. Dylan is not nostalgic at all. He just performs the music he likes. He has the guts to do it alone. He has the skills to do it alone. Support Viölence and bang your head or fuck off and eternally rot in your pile of modern shit. From me horns up to Dylan! Hail old school!

If that wasn't enough, Dylan tells everything better than me in his own words on "MotorDemon" track:

"Whisky for blood, Leather for skin,
Fuck off, the Mortal man,
Down on your knees, for the king
Slice the throat, the sacrificial lamb

Hes the MotorDemon,
The MotorDemon
Hes the MotorDemon, Amphetamines Oh Yea"


1. Ritual Of The Göat
2. Chained Up
3. L.S.D (Leather, Sex, Death)
4. Wörship At Midnight
5. MotörDemon
6. Lords Of Sleaze