Violence Unleashed - Spawned To Kill

Uncompreimsingly Brutal Death Metal!! Thats the only way to describe this release. Violence Unleashed is a side project from Eradicate guitar player Felix Schumacher. Also lending there talents in this release is drummer Yanic (Quo Vadis, Canada), Thede (Eradicate/Vocals) and Thomas (Sturm/ guitar). Right from the opening track the listener is beaten into submission by a razorblade whirlwind of homicidal intent. Violence Unleashed is the ultimate expression of the music this outfit has created. Vokills are so fucking intense and so close in sound, I almost thought that Corpsegrinder (George Fischer, Cannibal Corpse) was singing. Spawned To Kill is the bands indisputable announcement of the Violent Revolution that they will insinuate!  Violence Unleashed music will fall in line with all the great metal bands of last 20 years, by only being descibed by there name!  Out Now on Twilight!!!! Did you expect anything less??

1. Destination
2. Several Suicide Solutions
3. Burn
4. Brainless Zombie Wankers
5. Polyurethane Murderer
6. On Fields Of Barbed Wire
7. Constrained To Kill
8. Spawned In Acidvats
9. I Deserve To Kill
10. Unbreakable
11. Crumbled Into Dust

Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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