Violentor - Putrid Stench

Violentor come from Italy and "Putrid Stench" is their 4th full length album. Their style is a significantly punk influenced thrash/crossover. They seem to appreciate thrash titans like early Sepultura (check out for example the opening track 'The Escalation') and Slayer ('Butcher The Holy Swine' took me back to "God Hates Us All" days), but at the same time they show appreciation for crossover bands like D.R.I.. All enriched with punk chords influenced by the cornerstone punks Dead Kennedys. No wonder since thrash metal drew influence at its formation and very beginning (still does) from punk. In fact it was formed at the date as a mixture of heavy metal and punk.

At parts of the album, like in the end of 'Burning Rage', Violentor use fast rhythmical patterns which mixed with obscure vocals give a result close to the death/thrash aesthetics. Imagine a thrash attack with sound haunted by the evil, filthy spirit Lemmy produced on the Motorhead classic 'Burner'. 'Pray To Die' riff continues the thrash attack with the inclusion of some straight punk riffs in the school of Discharge, (old) Extreme Noise Terror and Doom (UK).

'Hunter Of The Anorexis' begins with open chords and a haunting atmospheric melody where some chants are laid upon, but soon changes to an aggressive thrash song. I found very interesting when the open chords returned over a double bass this time. Intros in Italian always take me to horror films. 'Caustic Cutting' intro in Italian gives way to super fast thrash. This time the syncopated riff makes it more intense. The drums here did a good job. In the same titled song Violentor take their sound to death/thrash again. They add some rather incomprehensibly distorted vocals, but then take me to Sepultura again.

'Scum Of Society' is again a thrash n roll Motorhead influenced song. I really prefer this style in Violentor. The song is absolutely a heavy beer drinking companion and in my playlist I would put as next song 'Another Perfect Day'. The last song 'Destroy The Enemies' closes the album with its hyperfast blasting thrash.

To sum up, Violentor play a punk infused metal. They have sense of melody but they decide to remain aggressive. If you like punk/thrash/crossover or to make it more simple Motorhead, early Sepultura and mid period Slayer, then you sure have a reason to check out this album.

Last but not least 2/3 of the band play in the old Australian thrash band of Peter Hobbs, Hobbs Angel Of Death that you also need to check out for they have been around since 1987.


1. The Escalation
2. Butcher The Holy Swine
3. Burning Rage
4. Hunter Of The Anorexis
5. Pray To Die
6. Caustic Cutting
7. Putrid Stench
8. Scum Of Society
9. Destroy The Enemies