VoidCeremony - Entropic Reflections Continuum

I'd seen the name, VoidCeremony, but had never heard them. Twan asked for a list of LPs I'd like to review and, luckily, he sent their debut LP "Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel". What a fucking banger! It made it's way into my top 5 of 2020.

Formed in 2013, in Ramona, CA, this quartet has a few EPs to their name. Now they have a rager of an LP. If you have a free hour or more, check the list of other bands these dudes have played in. It's long and impressive.

Now, onto "Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel". Clocking in at just over 32 minutes, this is a ride of furious well orchestrated prog/tech/death. I'm way into the recording. Every instrument shines through and stoked there's a natural drum sound. First off, the talent and knowledge of their instruments are obvious. It's tech. It's brutal. It's fast. It's slow. Can I just say, damn these basslines!!!!!!! Hearing a fretless ripped in death metal that could be called controlled chaos is something we don't see enough and I consider a gift. OK, back on track. The riffs, the time changes, the leads, the drums, the vocals. and OHHHHH those basslines...... Sometimes tech can be too much for me. They have crafted a beautiful and tasteful approach that will appeal to tech freaks and dudes that wanna headbang and growl. I could even see die hard Rush and Dream Theater nerds getting into this and then adding the timeless quote of "I like the music but I just don't like the vocals." Who cares, we love it all.

This LP is pure volcanic lava hot. From the opener, 'Dessicated Whispers' to the final track 'Solemn Reflections Of The Void', it can either grab and force you to dissect what's happening OR just enjoy the jam. I prefer to pay close attention, as I'm in awe of how they arrange it all to make perfect sense. Jaw dropping, if you ask me. It's a half hour of furious yet contained shredding. The instrumental, 'Blinded To Unusual Existence', may be my favorite track. Not taking anything away from Garret's demonic vocals. Not saying the rest of the LP is not, but it's a fucking whirlwind of mind blowing musical wizardry. They somehow make it possible to go from blast to brutal to shred to slow(ish) to brutal to hook to brief prog passage back into the blender and it works. I'd love to see these songs storyboarded. As well as see them performed live. This LP is for fans of the brutal, fans of the tech, fans of the prog or just fans of extreme music that is done well. It's also for fans of Rush and Dream Theater that may "like the music but not the vocals". It's our turn, nerds. Sidenote - I love Rush and Dream Theater, vocals and all!

Stand out tracks:
Sacrosanct Delusions
Blinded to Unusual Existence

4.5 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Desiccated Whispers
2. Sacrosanct Delusions
3. Empty, Grand Majesty (Cyclical Descent Of Causality)
4. Binded To Unusual Existence
5. Abandoned Reality
6. Solemn Reflections Of The Void