Von Boom/Motorbreath - Split

Von Boom is a Swedish punk band and the line up was coming together for the first time in 1984. They recorded material in the form of demos and vinyls. The band is still up and running and here on this split they are performing 12 tracks. Fast tempo, stewing rhythms and punk shouting vocals in songs that are clocking around 2 minutes average. This is crust punk grind with the fast tempo with a rock n roll swing. Guitars are also doing solos while the songs have a sing along touch and before you know you are hooked up. Von Boom plays crust punk with nice rock n roll guts.

Motorbreath is dealing with a rawer sound than Von Boom and I find the band more towards rock n roll. The crust they do is also adding influences from Motorhead and from the punk scene. As a bonus they do a cover of "Diamond And Rust", a song made famous by Judas Priest but originally from Joan Baez and also in this song you can hear some Motorhead riffs.

A nice split release with two unknown crust bands to me where Von Boom comes out better and it is a pity that the sound of Motorbreath is too weak for such release.

Von Boom
1. Atomvinter
2. Dimming Varld
3. Dom Vid Rodret
4. Still Alive
5. En Kuvos, Ditt Lv
6. I Vantan Pa
7. Mord
8. No Survivors
9. Piller
10. Sista Striden
11. Speedfreak
12. Sa Djavla Trott

13. Molndal Rider
14. Vart Fan Ar Solen
15. Toucher
16. The Hand
17. Paranoia Nightmare
18. Diamonds And Rust (cover Joan Baez)

F.D.A. Rekotz
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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