Vulcano - Tales From The Black Book

Thrash band from Brazil that delivers their 2003 disc, 13 Songs in 42 minutes. The songs are played in high tempo with the slower headbang parts. Vocals are raw and fanatic guitarriffing with leads. I am not that charmed of the drumsound, it sound a bit simple and could be more powerful and creative. The songs are easy listening and thrashed on safety and sometimes got a feeling I heard it before. I think they should try to put more creativity and own identity in their music and then they make a nice and better 8th album.

1. Gates of iron
2. The bells of death
3. Priestes of bacchus
4. From the black metal book
5. Devote to the devil
6. Fall of the corpse
7. Face of the terror
8. Guerreiros de sata
9. Troubled mind
10. The sign carved on the door
11. Obscure soldiers
12. Total destruicao
13. Bestial insane

Renegados Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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