Vulgate Dogmas - The Lies In Between

It's refreshing to hear some brutal death metal from our Asian metal brothers. These guys can give the new crop of death metal bands a run for their money. Talented these guys it's an injustice that this band isn't signed yet. What I like about them is they don't go all crazy with the crazy jazz riffing or blast beating all though the album. Vulgate Dogma's got something to offer. This five song demo reminds me of Suffocation and Broken Hope. The riffing is great and I love the grooves in the songs. Check them out they're giving a listen too.

1. Clones Will Be The Originals
2. Your Stale Macabre
3. Final Judgement
4. Black Rain
5. Oppressing Fear

Self released
Reviewer: Paul Lewis
Apr 7, 2010

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