Vulpecula - In Dusk Apparition

Vulpecula hailed from Kansas City and this album is recorded in 1998 and they are the original recordings. The cover song was recorded exclusively for a tape compilation. The music this duo is representing is a combination of ambient and metal. Space intros and metal songs. Focused on the night you hear dwelling and atmospheric passages with a raw voice. They do a speech in the "Culmination" song and you hear a nice guitar lead in the title song. And so there are things to explore in the songs but sometimes the songs are too ong and stay too long in the same beat. Also the drumsound is way to far in the foreground and dominates too much. Because of this irritating mix and repetive drumpatterns not everything comes out oke. I wouldn't call it cult but it is ok to hear it someday...

1. Eltanin Shadowcast
2. Celestrial
3. Major Tome (Coming Home) (cover Peter Schilling)
4. Culmination
5. In Dusk Apparition

Invictus Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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