Vultör ‎– Visões Do Fim

A war siren is the first thing you will listen on this tape. Immediately after that, a punk tempo drumming and a punk rock riff will break in. Mad Max’s vocals owe a lot to Lemmy and the band in general rocks out in a straight forward way that Motörhead fans will surely dig.

The Brazilians Vultör were formed in 2017 and Visões Do Fim (translation: Visions of the End) is a compilation of the band’s demo/7” material recorded in 2018-2019 including “A Caçada Continua” demo 2018, “Lobos na Noite” demo 2019 and “Vultör” 7” EP 2019, so this is basically a discography release. The last song on the tape is an exclusive bonus track recorded in 2020.

Vultör is a power trio with Mad Max handling the guitar duties as well. He does really great in spraying out some effective heavy/speed metal riffs that sometimes will rock more while others will stick to punk/thrash. His guitar leads are very cool and compliment nicely the band’s style and attitude.

Except from Motörhead, Vultör’s riffs bring to mind early Iron Maiden (only Paul Di’Anno era), which is an underrated period of the band and at the same time their more punk influenced period.

The rhythm section rocks out a lot. It sets the tempo very well on every song and serves as a platform for things to roll for Vultör. There are some really nice plays on the drum fills and some remarkable bass lines.
However, what remains from Vultör in the end is the nice rocking attitude they have, the coolness and the Motörhead Punk/Metal vibes.

The cassette tape is limited to 150 hand-numbered copies. It is accompanied by a double sided poster of the band plus an 8-page mini-zine with deadly artwork, nice photos, the band’s bio, contacts, additional artwork, lyrics, complete discography info and more.

Vultör play Apocalyptic Speed Thrash and Metal Punk from Hell for fans of the aforementioned bands plus Sabbat (Japan), Abigail (Japan), Bulldozer and early Venom. This means that people who circle around Speed/Thrash Metal and enjoy raw Punk, early Black Metal and old Heavy Metal stuff will appreciate this Underground cassette tape made of Alcohol, Nuclear war, Post-apocalypse and Destruction Mayhem!!

4.5 / 5 STARS

Reviewer: Manos Michaelides

Apr 9, 2021

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Vultör ‎– Visões Do Fim

review Vultör ‎– Visões Do Fim

1. Tormento Nuclear
2. A Caçada Continua
3. Lobos Na Noite
4. Ruas De Sangue
5. Lembranças Malditas
6. 6 - De-Me Mais Um Drink
7. Visões Do Fim
8. Vultör
9. Manicômio Infernal
10. Servos Do Inferno
11. Horizonte Sombrio (live RJ)


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