Vulture Industries - The Dystopia Journals

A very fitting title for the overall feeling of this record. Heavy, Haunting, and Eerie-behold The Vulture Industries! The Dystopia Journals play along as though it gives you a mental visual-chronicalizing a life forever paved in despair and desperation. Heavy and Experimental to say the least, bewildering sounds emerge as fearful emotions and chaotic intent. Leaves you breathless and wondering what went wrong, what vial thing lives in the insane lament. Thrashy sounding guitars, daunting backgrounds courtesy of pianos, organs, and other keys. Vocal styles that are as violent,andÊ hectic as the music that is produced. For those of us who dwell in darkness-this is the music of our minds we helplessly attempt to keep quite. One of the most original records I have heard this year!

1. Pills Of Conformity
2. Blood Don't Flow Streamlined
3. A Path Of Infamy
4. Soulcage
5. The Benevolent Pawn
6. The Crumbling Realm
7. To Sever The Hand Of Corruption
8. Grim Apparitions

Dark Essence Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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