Vverevvolf Grehv - Zombie Aesthetics

As far back as I listened to Ministry’s first albums and followed Alien Jurgensen’ subsequent sound changes made to the band’s projects over the years, I have thought that something of fullness, subtlety, and speed lacked. Vverevvulf Grehv (VG) has accomplished something in this space of lack on his (one man show) Relapse Records release, ZOMBIE AESTHETICS. I do not mean to say that VG is any kind of Ministry cover band. Not even close. But lines of heavy guitar riffs-based metal and industrial style are blurred with these two projects. VG is far more of a guitar player than Alien ever was in that he plays the guitar and explores its fret board possibilities more completely via higher end runs, proper riffs, and flying all about the strings generally.

Yet, in that same style and more elaborate rhythm of VG’s sound is another missing element, that of intense counterpoint lows and striking anti-beat beats. ZOMBIE AESTHETICS is a CD that showcases somebody clearly into music of all sorts and I do not fault WG for that at all. I applaud it in fact. But other one man players that straddle the speed electronics and guitar riffing such as Mick Barr make up for their lacks of beat complexity by playing super fast and making the repetition of the tune its own artistic expression in substitute. VG is not Mick Barr, nobody is, but I think it would have been awesome if VG had instead of let EBM and glitch beats dominate so heavily on the release, had generated a few moments where everything else stops, the beats pound simply, bassy, and powerfully so as to stop the routine and I think partly frivolous and indulgent higher hodge-podge of bit sounds, beeps, and soundscapes.

Even Ministry got that right. What it lacked in complexity and layeredness, it well made up for in pounding, stomp beats, and very full rhythm sounds-even going so far as to employ two or three drummers live to enhance that effect. Vverevvulf Grehv does not carry such weight. I think what he needs now is to integrate the sounds more completely in instead of breaking them into segments like he does, an aesthetic that sounds sort of amateur, and develop something more full along the music spectrum. I listened to this CD about 5 times before I was able to put all my thoughts into organization because this is a unique experience for sure. It is new. But I think I would miss a chance here if I did not fully express what would make his next release absolutely exciting and ruthless.

1. Emancipation of Dissonance
2. Eureka Ghost
3. Audio Processor
4. Year Zero
5. Over Active Appreciation
6. Specimen Well
7. Zombie Aesthetics
8. Voodoo Pantheon
9. Linking life to Death in a Continuous Experience
10. Psychotronic
11. Thinking and Feeling

Relapse Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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