Walk Through Fire – Hope Is Misery

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden comes sludge doom quartet Walk Through Fire whose brand new studio opus entitled “Hope Is Misery” is being put out by UK label Aesthetic Death! I knew after the first droning minute of ‘Sustained In Grief’ that I’d like this album, the drawling grooves and long, drawn out tones hitting the spot exactly right! Oh yes, there is a heavy element of drone doom mixed into the sludge here and the bands opening track more than capably demonstrates the atmospheric qualities and the crushing power of a band who knows how to do this right. Indeed, this eighty minute long epic is definitely one for taking its time but its feedback drenched tones never get old. As “Hope Is Misery” opens up further more monolithic vibes are piled high, just to fall back down again with a sickening, crushing blow. Yet at times such as during title track ‘Hope Is Misery’ the band display their softer, if not more ominous nature with a bout of colder and somehow harsher tones providing temperance for usual forceful nature of the band. For the most part though this album lives within an ocean of crackling bass, reverb laden atmospherics agonised melodies, a true opus of monstrous carnage wreaking chaos!

Reviewer: Luke Hayhurst

May 14, 2014

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Walk Through Fire – Hope Is Misery

  1. Sustained In Grief
  2. Hope Is Misery
  3. Grow Stronger In Isolation
  4. Harden In Despair
  5. Waking Horror
  6. Next To Nothing
  7. Another Dream Turned Nightmare
  8. Laid In Earth



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