Wall of Sleep - Sun faced apostles

Second full length of Wall of Sleep (Hungary) raising the flag of doom very high. With influences of old psychedlic rock and a shady sound this disk breathes atmosphere. Enduring heavy bluesy guitarriffs in all kind of tempos, drums at ease continuing the flow and vocals showing force and emotion at once. Every song has it's own identity and atmosphere. Songs are well build towards a recognizable chorus and some instrumental intermezzos. Quality disk uniting straightforward simplicity and sheer heaviness into some kind of retro style of doom....Great...

1. On pain of birth
2. Sun faced apostles
3. Labyrinths
4. Ship of stake
5. Time of goblins
6. The river
7. From the bottom of these days
8. Mother sand father stone

Psychedoomelic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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