Wallachia - Ceremony Of Ascension

Wallachia is the brainchild of Norwegian Lars Stavdal, started in 1992 This is their first LP in a decade!

Stavdal must have been under quite a number of influences. The music starts with super speedy drumming and guitars with guttural vocal embellishments to give place to gentle keyboard melody. This the template of the whole, as each song gradually builds into epic proportions, helped by a surprisingly wide range of vocals. The album concludes with a lovely sing-along that makes you crave more.

1. Self-Inflicted Stigmata

2. Refusalvation

3. Kamikaze Christians

4. Rival Of A Cursed Destiny

5. Sanctimonia XXIII

6. Genesis Enigma

7. Void Expansion

8. The Wreckage Of Innocence

Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewer: tonyfan
Oct 5, 2009

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