War Agenda - Night Of Disaster

When it comes to thrash, its rare nowadays that a new band comes onto the scene who have the passion and the balls of the great albums that were released many years ago. Germany’s War Agenda are a band that really set the bar high, with approvals coming from the likes of Tankard’s Gerre, we are truly in good company. Every single track has an influence of all the major players throughout the sub-genres existence, the main two for me are Exodus and Kreator, but you can quite happily hear the likes of Annihilator, Slayer, first album Metallica and yes, even Tankard. This is a perfect hybrid between the bay area sound and the harsher reality of the classic German sound.

‘Sentenced’ is a particularly pleasing tune with its pummelling start and healthy mix of riffs and melody with a battering ram drum assault, maybe some “ST” gang vocals in the middle. ‘Mosh’ starts out more riff orientated and a little more melodic with a really cool guitar tone before heading into thrash royalty territory by nature of the lyrical content and the rhythms that continue effortlessly throughout this blueprint thrash master. ‘Gone But Never Forgotten’ is more epic, full of desire, class and neck breaking moments and when followed by the closer ‘Axis Of Evil’, you cannot fail to have a smile on your face if you are indeed a fan of thrash.

All in all, of recent times, this is the closest to the bigger bands output in years, the scene is set for a torrent of pit activity and the songs are crafted in a way that just works, no effort required, this is a natural successor to the more well-known classics out there. "Night Of Disaster" is a perfect thrash monster to sink your teeth into.

  1. Shot To Pieces  
  2. Geocide 
  3. The Wait 
  4. Sentenced  
  5. Night Of Disaster  
  6. Time Heals Nothing 
  7. Mosh  
  8. Destiny Of A Mad Man  
  9. Gone But Not Forgotten  
  10. Axis Of Evil