War Agenda - Propaganda

War Agenda are a German group active since 2012. "Propaganda" is their second full length after "Night Of Disaster" released in 2015. In times when death metal seems to be the master, here comes these War Agenda to offer us the their thrash metal with old school veins but well played, produced and in step with the times.

11 tracks that lead us to rediscover a world so dear to us, made up of bone-breaking riffs, pounding rhythm sections and a very particular voice… aggressive and sharp at the right point. 'Silence Of Justice' was the first song that made me feel like a kid again and awakened in me feelings that I hadn't felt for a long time. I think the entry into the band of the new singer brought something really special within the group and gave the songs that extra mood which I think has definitely made a difference.

We move from parts very dear to the Bay Area (Exodus docet!) to European reminiscences. Not a moment of failure, thanks to the leading riffs of the two guitarists who did a really good job. 'War Of Nations' is another one of those songs that leave their mark. The whole group works great but the voice on this "Propaganda" really makes a difference. Finally something really well played and produced.

I didn't listen to a thrash metal album so well constructed and articulated by the times and the Atrophy albums! (and the solos of 'Killer Disease' ???) And then let me tell you... something that recalls the good Warrel Dane I feel it! Album to have! Simply wonderful.

4.5 / 5 STARS 


1. Sounds Of Oppression
2. Propaganda
3. Plan B
4. Human Race
5. United In Hypocrisy
6. Silence Of Justice
7. Apartheid
8. Chaos Invasion
9. War Of Nations
10. Killer Disease
11. Child Of Dreams