Warckon - High Treason

Hailing from Belgium and about to unleash this their second full length album Warckon play Thrash Metal the fast energetic way rather then the heavy, evil way so they are more of the end of the spectrum as say Anthrax, Sacred Reich or Annihiator rather then Slayer and Kreator etc. High Treason is a solid album with riff's aplenty. The main riff running through (my very own) moriaty is annoyingly catchy and the title track definitely a highlight. It's a track were everything comes together. The riff's, the tightness of the band, a strong chorus and a blistering solo, it has everything.

The vocals are the bands weak point to be fair but the band concentrate on the music and that evens things out. What's very impressive is the finishing instrumental "Mutant Messiah" which shows the band at the best of their ability and shows just what they are capable of. It's also great to hear an actual intrumental song that can stand out on an album in the tradition of Iron Maiden's Transylvania or Metallica's Orion. The bonus track "Grief is in the eye of the beholder" is also another highlight with it's melodic chorus it actually sounds alot different to the rest of their songs so I'm not sure if it's a cover but kudo's either way because it's a cracking song.

All in all fans of thrash played a more traditional way won't go far wrong by checking this out. A tight solid that ticks all the right boxes.

1. Mare Tranquilitatis
2. The Weak
3. (My Very Own) Variaty
4. High Treason
5. Choir Of Shadows
6. Dawn Of The Era Gargoylaes
7. Sleeper
8. The Samurai
9. Mutant Messiah
10. Grief Is In The Eye Of The Beholder