Warcrown – Eat Me

Warcrown come from Germany and this is their 1st demo, released in 2007. There's definitely something oldschool about this band. They play death metal, only their riffing is as simple as it can be and their solos sound like the ones Venom did in their early releases. In other words, complexity or technicality is not the issue here and the thing is they won't excite you much, because the whole attempt is amateur. The sound is very blurry and noisy and the vocals (deep growls and screams) are very high in the mix, hiding most of the other instruments every time the singer starts to growl...have you ever listened to Rotting Christ's early albums ("Sathanas Tedeum", "Passage to Arcturo")? The sound is very similar to that.

Despite all these, they manage to create a pure  rotten or even obscure feeling through their music, a fact that proves how sick and twisted these Germans are. However, Warcrown need to work harder if they want to take their music to a higher level.

1. Warrior Of Death
2. 13 Lord Of Lies
3. Corpskill
4. Warcrown
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009
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