Wardaemonic - Through The Dark Pale Gravelands

Looking on the internet I didn't find much info about Wardaemonic only the disc ordering info on their label site and very little at Encyclopaedia Metallum. All I can find that they are from Australia and formed around 2005 and consist of members who played in Impact Winter, Avantgard or Drowning the Light. Bands i don't know but 1+1 tells you they play black metal. So yes on "Through The Dark Pale Gravelands" you grim and dark black metal. Wardaemonic easily switches between the blast parts and the mid paced tempo. Vocals are gold screaming while the guitars have that typical black metal guitar sound bands use to express they are grim, and demonic and wandering through a cold and desperate wood. When you listen closely you hear that they have melody in their songs and at the end you will find some catchy riffs. With these 52 minutes you have a nocturnal reaping album if you like your black metal primitive and with a certain kind of monotonous.

1. On Death's Wings
2. Ancient Gate
3. Through The Dark Pale Gravelands
4. Voice From The Winds
5. Nocturnal Summonings
6. The Return Of Darker Ages
7. Winds Of Hate
8. Damned Is Eternity
9. Darkness Hate Triumph
10. Dead Winter's Serenade
11. Beyond The Threshold Of Chaos

Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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