Warfather - Orchestrating The Apocalypse

I was quite excited when I first heard Steve Tucker was returning to the metal world. I was one of the only people I know who was actually a bit gutted when David Vincent returned to Morbid Angel not that I had anything against him but I thought Steve Tucker was doing a fine job and getting your original front man back doesn't always solve a bands problems and from the reaction to the hideous mistep that was "Illud Divinum Insanus" it actually caused a few!

As I was saying I actually liked the time Steve Tucker spent in Morbid Angel. I think like "The X Factor" was to Iron Maiden, "Formulas Fatal to Flesh" was a bit of a misunderstood gem where the mastermind behind the band (Trey Azagthoth and for Maiden, Steve Harris) took a certain aspect of the bands overall sound and concentrated solely on it and explored how far they could go with it. "Gateway to Annihilation" is actually my favourite Morbid Angel album. I love it. "Heritic" kind of ran through the motions but I think all were to blame for that and it certainly isn't that bad an album with the benefit of hindsight!

After a brief stint on a session basis with Nader Sadek Steve Tucker returns with Warfather, this time he handles guitar duties instead of bass and is the main songwriter for the project.

"Orchestrating The Apocalypse" is an awesome album taking the technicallity and bruatality of death metal with atmostherics surrounding the songs, not full blown orchestras or anything over the top but like that but more of a finshing sheen over the top but works nicely. "The Shifting poles" is a fine example of this. It has today's clean sound but they retain atmosphere and intensity. Opening track "XII" explodes through the speakers with blastbeats and extreme shredding, there's no foreplay here as soon as the cd registers BANG their here! "My Queen shall not be morned" sorry but it's got to be said sounds like a classic Morbid Angel track, but that is no bad thing. It's mid tempo and has a great groove and has this excellent guitar melody running through it. In places especially when it's at it's most intense it actually sound quite loose, like it could go off the rails at any point again this is great because it adds to the chaos and brings to mind the early Death Metal recordings which were quite loose in places. It does sound like Morbid Angel but so does so much of Death Metal really, Steve was in them for 6 years and this is hands down better then anything Morbid Angel have put since...well "Gateways to Annihilation" and that was in 2000!

Overall I really enjoyed this album I can't recommend it enough If you like your Death Metal, intense, technical with leads and melodies, if you love Immolation, Nile or Behemoth look no further. You'll eat this up!


1. XII
2. Legions
3. My Queen Shall Not Be Mourned
4. Taunting Thew Deity
5. The Shifting Poles
6. Waltz Of The Soltice
7. Summoning The Warfathers
8. Ageless Merciless
9. The Chaos Of
10. Gods And Machines
11. Ashes And Runes
12. We Are The Wolves