Warfuck - Neantification

Sometimes a cool drummer meets a great guitarist and few minutes later you can hear really cool sounds. This must be the feeling for Warfuck.

Warfuck is a real power duo grindcore band from Lyon in France. Founded in August 2011 they played their first gig in July 2012 and since then they played in entire Europe and on many cool Metal Festivals. In only two and a half years this two guys (Nico – vocals, guitars & Mak – vocals, drums) released two full lenghts albums. Currently “Neantification”, recorded and mixed in summer 2013 and released in December 2013 in an co-production of 16 european labels. 15 songs, round about 25 minutes and only some short cool samples.

Ok so far. What can two musicians make for a fuck so that 16 labels push this band? I wondered and opened the music-player to hear what I get. First song 'Till The Bones', 24 seconds intro with a short cry and then the full broadside and there is the typical swedish grindcore sound from the 90s like Nasum, Magrudergrind, Afgrund and Rotten Sound and what can I say – I love this Warfuck. The sound is professionel and cool. Guitars and drums are mixed in an absolutely perfect balance. Also the snare in the grindparts is perfect and clearly to hear. There is nothing wrong with the sound. Now I know why 16 D.I.Y. labels pushed this band. Super fast drums are the base together with clear and catchy rhythm-guitars. In between for a break or for a change partly crazy and partly groovy elements and parts. In every song is another idea installed so that every song is special and this is something what distinguishes a band.

Respect for the guitar-work, nice riffs and ideas and real clouts but the work on the drums is phenomenal. Super fast and direct too and on the point. Directly into the black, every punch is a strike. My favorite is the song 'Vivre d'Arnaque & d'Eau Fraiche', this is also one of the longest songs on this output (2:37min), ‘cause there is everything what a grindfreak wants, I think. The beginning is a grindpart with groovy elements followed by a short slowly headbanging part and after that again grind together with a little bit groove. An exellent song to dance to through the whole mosh-pit. My second favorite is the last song 'Rondell' (3:52min). In this song you can hear a saxophone in  form of a lead or solo guitar. Cool idea and this made the song intresting and varied and an awesome last song and outro.

I can’t find something bad on this output. For me this album will be a candidate for one of the best grindcore album 2014. Just brillant what Warfuck are doing with only drums and one guitar. Chapeau!

  1. Till The Bones
  2. Goût Amer
  3. At Least I Hope
  4. Hauts Débats
  5. Apprendre A Plaire
  6. Douleur & Vices
  7. La Gloire
  8. Millions Of Merits
  9. Abusey
  10. Neant
  11. Vivre d'Arnaque & d'Eau Fraîche
  12. Disverge
  13. Pan Crack
  14. Route Bloody Route
  15. Rondelle (featuring UROBEN on saxophone & vocals)