Warganism - Centipede

After a name change, Romania's Dies Irae becomes Warganism and releases "Centipede" on the world. The album has a nice mix of sweeping riffs, listen to "To Forget", good vocal work and even some clean singing. The guitar works is heavy when it needs to be but complimentary to songs like the opening track "The Strangest Thing". The drums provide a great pulse to the album again complementing the varying tempos of the different songs. Despite a few slower ballad style songs the album flows together very well. It can easily be listened to from beginning to end. For fans of dark metal, bands that fall between death metal and full out black metal (Samael would be a good example) this album is certainly worth listening to. A powerful musical sound makes this a solid release.

1. The Strangest Thing
2. Stay
3. Live the Unique
4. The Words
5. Golem
6. To Forget
7. Envy
8. Crowded
9. Story Down
10. End Theme
11. Shadow Boxing
12. Shadow Boxing Remix
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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