Warkunt – Of Ruins And Agony

French 5-Piece Warkunt launched an all-out auditory assault with their first full-length album, "Of Ruins and Agony". Dropping in November of 2018 this death metal onslaught was created by Timothée Pfau (bass), Grégoire Galichet (drums), Laurent Damelicourt & Valentin Rouviere (guitars) and Loïc Mulheim (vocals).

"Of Ruins And Agony" builds upon the foundation Warkunt laid in their 2017 demo "Tor(n)ment" and they do it damn well. The entire album is consistent with no major lulls or repetitive parts. Its not particularly groundbreaking or experimental but its solid death metal and that’s what counts.
From the opening track, 'Into My Hell', you get a taste for the style of the whole album. It’s got great vocals, good guitars, with solid drumming and bass to boot. 'The Great Maze Of Fear' is definitely a highpoint for the album as the drums almost seem to lead the song. That’s something you don’t really see in metal, but Mr. Galichet kills the drums so well on this track that it feels like the vocals, guitars, and bass are compliments to the drums.

'Destructive Velocity' has, arguably, the best guitars on the album. They possess a range of sound not present elsewhere on the album, and the midway guitar-leading instrumental has a soul of its own. Its just one more case of these guys knowing what they are good at, taking it, and highlighting it to the extreme.

Overall, this album is a breath of fresh air for me. I haven’t been much into the pure death metal scene lately, but this, this right here is the stuff that got me into it ten years ago. Mulheim’s vocals remind me of Deicide’s Glen Benton circa "Scars Of The Crucifix". The guitars are heavy and tell a story all own their own. For the first time (in a long time) I was taken in by the drums and the bass. Warkunt not only hit marks that aren’t normally hit, but they hit them well too. With a little more refining these guys will undeniably be five stars.


1. Into My Hell
2. Struggling With Insanity
3. Destructive Velocity
4. The Great Maze Of Fear
5. The Enslaving Poison
6. Relentless Disposal For Vengeance
7. Gestating Rancor
8. Dark Days To Come