Warpath - Malevolent Reprisal

I have known the Warpath lads quite some time, having shared a stage with them a countless number of times and sharing an interest in lifting weights with singer, Darren. One would have to admit some might think this to be a somewhat biased review. Well if you think that, dont read this review, just buy this album and youll see why. Malevolent Reprisalis a massive step up from "Gorefare" with a huge production courtesy of Ireland`s favourite metal studio, Trackmix studios with Michael Richards at the helm. Is this cd his best production? Every instrument on the album sounds nothing short of magnificent. The drums sound great though sound triggered to hell,clicked, compressed and very unnatural sounding and the most certainly is abit of studio trickery going on however this sound is very popular in modern day sounds! That saying it is executed with serious finesse by drummer Graham. The guitars sound super thick and crunchy with a whole lot of power in them. Darren and bass player, Eoin have some super cool vocal trade offs ala Dying Fetus/Misery Index. The bass sounds great when played by itself in the mix i wish it had of been a little louder to add a little bit more growl. The songwriting has gone up 200% with some super sexy structures with a fantastic blend of fast and slow tempos.

This is one of those albums that you can listen to again and again with a massive "listen again" factor. Ive lost count of how many times ive heard this album and im not growing
tired of it one bit. Simply put, Its exactly what i want to hear. Its got huge breakdowns and super heavy blast sections.

Lyrically, there is a continuation of the war and gore theme from "Gorefare". Gone are the Obituary/Cannibal Corpse influences and they have been replaced with dying fetus/Misery index ones. I will say there is abit of a metalcore/hardcore element here but the lads make no secret of that as they have included a cover of Hatebreed`s "Tear It down" which i did think
was abit of a curveball but fuck it, it doesnt seem alien to the whole cd and fits in stangely so. i have to say this is the best Irish metal release ive heard in years and there wont be an album to beat this in a long time. Choice cuts...my friends...all of em!!! These guys are young lads that wear their influences on their sleeves and they have just created an album that can sit nicely amongst the titans\! This cd is a must have and would be a crying shame to give this album no less then 5. oh and lads.....John Gallagher is just off the phone, he wants his riffs back!!! hahaha

1. Malevolent Reprisal            
2. Bloodsoaked Bayonet            
3. Point Blank Execution            
4. Enter My Lair            
5. Kill At All Costs            
6. The Red Mist            
7. Extreme Rendition            
8. Unstoppable            
9. Tear It Down (cover Hatebreed)
Underground Movement
Reviewer: Connor
Jan 26, 2011

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