Who Dies In Siberian Slush - We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago

This is a death/funeral doom band from Russia who have a slight flavour of morbid reality ingrained in their minds. The tracks are long, the sound is very powerful and the vocals are pretty demonic. ‘The Day Of Marvin Heemeyer’ has some cool death metal riffs and tempos but they are primarily lost behind sound effects on occasion, and if you want to know about Marvin Heemeyer… well he was an American guy who went on a rampage in the US with an armoured bulldozer, demolishing most of a town including the mayor’s house and subsequently shot himself. ‘Refinement Of The Mould’ is thoroughly funeral doom, the death metal rasp vocals are however do vile and regurgitate that they are quite undecipherable, a shame in some respects because with such a powerful repetitive musical style, you need more to keep your interest fulfilled.

‘The Spring’ has a little bit more brightness under the gloom, there are melodic guitar tones riffing and soloing part way through that really give an atmosphere to the track, this sounds much more passable and more of a tune that you can sit back and chill too without becoming a massive depressive. The same goes for ‘Of Immortality’, this has some mixing that makes you check your speakers for the correct connections and the sound passes between the left and right channel in some places, much like the opening track in fact.

You are in for a long drawn out process with this album that often finds you willing the album to end very quickly. If you listen underneath the overall soundscape then you may find some areas of brilliance, but these are overshadowed by the long duration of the tracks in general. No matter how much of a reservation I have for this release, it would be fair to comment that there is a market for this out there, but it sounds a little too dull in the grand scene of this style.


  1. The Day Of Marvin Heemeyer
  2. Refinement Of The Mould
  3. In A Jar
  4. The Spring
  5. Funeral March No14
  6. Of Immortality