Whorehouse - Execution Of Humanity

I have not heard that many polish thrash bands, apart from the obvious Acid Drinkers, but Whorehouse, who have been going since 1995, have finally come to their debut album. I was expecting the usual speed of the Sodom/Destruction copycats as most of the recent hordes of thrash bands tend to concentrate on.

Thankfully, Poland also produces some good bay area sounding thrash, and Whorehouse has this in abundance. Out if the recent crop of bands, their sound is much like Savage Messiah (but more like their first incarnation "Headless Cross") with a touch of Testament in the 90’s era. There are guitar melodies straight from the Skolnick or Mustaine book of riffs, and arrangement wise, "Step By Step" is simply Testament or Forbidden (not a cover version of their track by the same name!) cloned and brutally executed. Although it’s not original, this is a killer way to pay tribute to your heroes. This is definitely NOT 'another one from the crop', Whorehouse stands out as a band that has some cultural heritage and has actually thought about arrangements and song writing. Speed is not the be all and end all, neither is youthful testosterone, maturity and quality is what "Execution Of Humanity" is all about and I personally feel that is where some of the younger bands falter, thrash was and is not all about speed.

Heads down for "Like A Scum", not the best use of English grammar, but a neck wrenching experience if ever there was one, another well-crafted piece of magic. "New Life" has an Overkill affliction about the intro and then its back to Chuck Billy stars in their eyes vocals, and I mean that as a compliment. Thrash albums of late (apart from a notable two or three from the major leaders of the genre) bore me somewhat, but Whorehouse has certainly changed my philosophy on this one. "Extinction Of humanity" is a required listen and a much needed album in the genre. What a blast, what an album, buy it!

1. Violent Storm
2. E.O.H. (Extinction Of Humanity)
3. Friendly Fire
4. True Living
5. Slow Burn
6. Step By Step
7. rink Till Xodas
8. Like A Scum
9. New Life
10. Ex Termin 8

Defense Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 3, 2010

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