Wine From Tears - Through The Eyes Of A Mad

Wine From Tears album is called "Through the Eyes Of A Mad" so I am not sure how good their English is but the sound of band is another good dose of sorrowful Doom Metal in the vein in of Katatonia, Candlemass, Draconian, My Dying Bride and Saturnus.
Released on Solitude Productions who seems to be the leaders at the moment for this style of Gothic type Doom, the songs have the usual epic feel that so many bands on the label specialize in. The music is filled with a glorious elegant sound infused with deep growls and haunting piano refrains and distorted guitars and a wall of sound coming from the bass and drums. In a world where there it seems like there is a million bands playing this style ( especially in Europe ), the band have put their own stamp on proceedings by avoiding the obvious cliches but still remaining firmly in the epic Gothic doom genre. The songs are a epic journey through grief and doubt, suffering and hope, while giving the tunes a almost cosmic feel. They also combine a lot of variation within the music from classical passages to faster sections to beautiful parts like in the breath-taking "Bless The Bleeding Angels" which is as scary as it is dramatic. The guitar work is very technical for a Doom band and sounds like they maybe are fans of John Petrucci, some of the breaks are very intricate but fit in well within the context of the arrangement of the songs. However sometimes it goes a little overboard with solos being played over the top of sections that might have been more effective if left alone. The band started in 2002 but this is the debut album from them but listening to the album gives off the impression they have work on these songs for a long time. The thing that spoils the album for me however is the band seems to be stuck in the 90's a little bit too much and at 77 minutes long, the band seems to be treading the same path in every song so its real hard to listen to start to finish. The other negative comment I must make is the keyboards just never shut up, mixed way too loud and overdone to the max. Best track for me is "Feeding the angel" which offers beautiful female vocals interacting with the main male growls, this can be irritating sometimes but they pull it off quite well in this band. Overall its a good effort but way too long with too many songs sounding the same and some over-done guitar and keyboard work that spoils the atmosphere. At its best, it is a breath-taking journey into darkness and despair but too many weak passages and average mixing wrecks the album. If they cut the album back to 50 minutes or so and did a re-mix this could be a incredible album.

1. Angels Also Die... (Intro)
2. Since I Fell...
3. The Sinner
4. Funeral Time
5. Night Of A Succubus
6. Close To Katatonia
7. Bless Me Bleeding Angels
8. The Secret Of The Woods
9. Before The Gods
10. Feeding The Angel
11. My Tears
12. Meus Altius Pater Noster

Solitude Productions
Reviewer: Ed
Nov 8, 2009

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