Winter Deluge – Devolution – Decay

Hailing from New Zealand, Winter Deluge marks a decade of existence by releasing their second full length. "Devolution – Decay" also sees the debut recordings from new guitarist and vocalists Mort and Seelenfresser.

"Devolution – Decay" is a ferocious, dark album. It has that hellish atmosphere you want from a black metal album. They approach the songs with the usual mix of frantic shredding with a little melody for good measure. Think early 1349 with the rawness of Blasphemy and there are even bits that remind me of Angel Corpse. I’m also heavily reminded of the later era of Mayhem. The album has a real cold grim atmosphere and vocalist Seelenfresser sounds very like Attila Csihar.

While the album ticks along nicely after repeated listens it gets more apparent that there aren’t a lot of standout moments and the songs do bleed into each. Sometimes that’s a good thing but it doesn’t serve this album.

All in all, it ticks all the rights boxes. Everything is in all the right places but it’s nothing you haven’t heard before.

  1. Der Letzte Atemzug
  2. The Negation Of Existence (The Cotard Syndrome)
  3. Corrupt Prophets
  4. Yersinia Pestis
  5. Tentacles Of Time
  6. ...Now You Reap
  7. Perversion Of Common Sense
  8. Winter Deluge
  9. The Image That Remains