Winter Of Sin – Razernij

Razernij is the second album of this black metal band from the Holland born in 1998. Well, what to say… In my opinion the band has tried to modernize their proposal mixing the classic black metal guitar work with some different parts, more death thrash oriented, but the final result is not so good. In particular if we think that we are in front of a band with more than 10 years of music on its shoulders: really too raw (but not in the positive meaning of the word), without positive ideas. The guitars work anonymous and all the instruments sound untied: the keyboard to one direction without the right atmosphere, the vocals to another rough one and the whole final mood is not appreciable. Sorry but I’m forced to ask more to a band with so many years of activity.

1. Schimmen
2. Onheil
3. Spervuur
4. Door Pijn Verscheurd
5. All Life Will End Here
6. Land Van IJs
7. Dark Clouds Gather North
8. Into Oblivion
9. Overheerscher
10. Zee Van Haat
CCP Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009
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