Winter Of Sin - Woest

Woest is the third album of Dutch band Winter Of Sin. This band was formed in 1998 and hidding members of different Dutch bands. The fury of Woest is offered in melodic and aggressive black metal. Keyboards that create a sphere although they could have been more into the background for me. The fast passages are have intercourse with melodic mid parts. Dark passages and melancholic atmospheres are the main ingredients for this album. No black metal hype but a band that stand for the real black metal feelings.

1. Deathwish
2. Overrompeld
3. When we lived
4. Fire
5. Figures it the shadow
6. The sign of genocide
7. Isolated
8. Evolving into nothing
9. Voice of reason

CCP Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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