Wishmaster - Hunting The Man

Hunting The Man is the debut label release from Poland’s Wishmaster, released via Brewery Distro. In many ways it is an improvement of their debut demo Dance Of The Hanged Man, being heavier, rawer and more relentless. If Dance Of The Hanged Man was a red hot razor slowly dragged across your flesh, Hunting The Man penetrates right through and begins mutilating your insides, organ by organ, with thrice the precision. The guitar production has more of a darkened, chaotic quality compared to the demo, flowing more smoothly while retaining their characteristic crunch. The classic power metal progressions written for these songs have assumed greater regality to complement the rawer sound. Again the lyrics are all printed here with more of an artistic license. Producer Wojciech Cenajek contributes a guitar solo to this CD.

1. Realm Of Death
2. Conquest Of The Plague
3. Hunting The Man
4. Requiem For Heaven
5. Chronicle Of Sin
6. Curse Of The Sea

Brewery Distro
Reviewer: Dave Wolff
Feb 26, 2009

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