Witchfuck – Black Blood Baptism

It’s probably not a huge surprise to anyone reading this that a band that goes by the name “Witchfuck” doesn’t exactly regard subtlety as high priority. You would also be forgiven for thinking you know exactly what this will sound like before actually listening to it (and you would be correct). Yes, “Black Blood Baptism” is no frills black metal that immediately brings to mind Marduk around the time that they were “Fistfucking God’s Planet” with an equal amount of eye rolling bluster.

Witchfuck don’t fuck around either. After an intro track that falls somewhere between eighties synth and a Satanic mix of the Doctor Who theme we are treated to the title track, which adequately sets the tone of the album. Low-fi mix, pummelling drums, vocals belched from the sewers of the city of Dis. 'Sulfur Goat' provides a bouncy head nodding lead riff and pretty much everything on the album clocks in at under four minutes meaning nothing outstays its welcome.

But for a band with such a provocative name Witchfuck aren’t half… well… dull. I’ve found myself at a real loss trying to figure out what to say about this album. It does everything it’s meant to do adequately enough, but there are very few memorable riffs, the vocals are relatively samey throughout, even the lyrics and the song titles are uninspired. 'Pentagram In Fire' and 'The Horned Archangel' feel as though they were plucked from a list of Satanic cliches.

So there you have it, Witchfuck are a black metal with whom the most interesting thing about them is their rather silly name. There’s nothing particularly bad here, "Black Blood Baptism" is a serviceable record that sounds exactly like you’d expect it to, but for what it’s worth I bet it’s a lot more fun live.

2 / 5 STARS

1. March Of Doom
2. Black Blood Baptism
3. Unicestwienie
4. Sulfur Goat
5. The Horned Archangel
6. Pentagram In Fire
7. The Pagan Storm
8. Hailing To The Stars
9. Into The Fathomless
10. Dar
11. Sabbath Of Unholy Lust
12. Pure Evil And Hate (cover Behemoth)

Reviewer: Seth Rafferty
Jun 14, 2021

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